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Responsible Tourism at Kanha National Park


There seems to be lot of hype and commotion in regards with salient features of wildlife tourism & conservation. Words such as tribal welfare, local upliftment, usage of recycle products, eco friendly dresses &colours etc. all flashed by glamour struck organisations especially in recent times.

We at the Krishna Jungle Resort started all this way back in the year 1992, little realizing that it would reach such proportions in the year 2003. We started with a small team of Nature lovers who are dedicated, who were not necessary qualified but were definitely born conservationist and nature lovers at heart. These were the people instrumental in educating for the first time in the history of Kanha National park the locals in the field of catering, house keeping, steward ship, the guides etc.; all of whom were fifth standard drop outs or not been to school at all.

We taught the people cane weaving, earthen products such as ash trays & potteries all of which we used annually in our lodge. Thus increasing and uplifting the local economy.

The health scenario was deplorable at that time when there were no proper medical facilities, so we gave talks, supplied medicines & told them about diseases such as malaria & so on.

At this point of time the ousted tribal villages from within the core area nurtured great animosity against the Kanha Tiger Reserve Officials, they would not see eye to eye because the locals felt that more importance was being given to the wild animals then to them. We intervened and created a healthy buffer based on which things improved to such an extent that the Park authorities held an unprecedented meeting with the lodge owners/managers and local villages regarding solving all problems amicably which to this day continues.

This is a unique example & achievement for Kanha National Park as this has never happened in any other game reserve in India resulting in perhaps being the least poached National Park in India.

We are highly concerned in educating every guest regarding the code of conduct at the lodge ss well as within the park. One of the greatest & unique features of our buildings in our lodge is that we have not used any modern chemicals based colors for white-washing the interiors & exteriors. The material used for exterior painting is made from the local yellow mud mixed with lime stone, which gives an ethnic look of the old India.

Again the only lodge where the entire open floor area is being smeared with cow dung paste mixed with husk which works as a binding material & represents true Indian village flooring. (This is in practice in all the Indian villages as on date, the sole idea behind this kind of a floor is to keep the floor clean & free from insects.)

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Wildlife Photographs by: P.S. Lahiri.
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